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Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes: Guestbook

Ron Day

October 18, 2011

I was the kilt wearing idiot at Cowgirls on 10/15. Thanks for putting up with me! You rocked my shorts off - good thing I was wearing a kilt.
I'll be seein' ya more, for shore.


July 23, 2011

You did an awesome job on the video, Em did great (love my little cuz) wish I lived closer so I could see you guys in person

Darlene Romero

January 12, 2011

FANTASTIC! I'm so proud of you. The Video is truly wonderful. Great job! I'm shareing it with Everyone! I'm so excited for all of you.
Was I your inspiration? :-) lol You know I'm
just kidding around. Much Love from Your
friends in the Carolina's........Darlene and Gianni


August 9, 2010

What is Pandora Radio missing?
Cristen Grey and the Moving Dunes

Saadia Acosta

September 17, 2009

Your music is "SICK"! I love it! I look forward to the day you attend the MTV Video Music Awards. Your music inspires me!


August 17, 2009

Website is great. Hope to hear your band in person at the State Fair or sometime soon!

Suzette Sanchez

May 7, 2009

Cristen, I am on your site, great site. When do you play again, I will be there? It has been a long time since we have seen each other. You look beautiful..You Rock, Big Fan Suzette

Yesha Adams

April 13, 2009

Hey Cristen it's Yesha it looks like you already have my email in the guest book but I did it again. It was good seeing you, and will again july 31st.
Take care,

Alice the Dragonfly, Trekker

July 18, 2008

Cristen, I am here on your site about to listen to your interview. You rock girl!!!!


Dragonfly's Delights
Messages of Hope For Metastatic Cancer

Pecos Singer

June 12, 2008

Hi, this is Pecos Singer from Lydian Gray. We met at Josh Keeler's graduation.

Ora Sprig

June 2, 2008

So, when do you play in public again? C'MON... we're waiting...

deborah montoya

May 23, 2008


April 7, 2008

Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago


March 31, 2008

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came on this wonderful site
Very all is simple and with taste.


January 17, 2008

Neal Allen

June 1, 2007

Your music has come of age like a good bottle of wine my friend. Congratulations on all the Success! I have kept up my music over the years as much as possible, writing and recording. It's hard to believe that it all went by so fast, eh!
You're looking great, and your band is fantastic.
I always said " If Joe Satriani were a girl his name would be Cristen!"

A Big Fan and
A very old friend,
Neal Allen


April 3, 2007



January 11, 2007

Big thnx. So interesting.
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes. Lisa.

Darlene Romero

August 11, 2006

Hey! Cris... You look fabulous! I was great talking with you. We look very much forward to seeing you and listening to your CD. My mailing is 801 Stately Pines Rd. New Bern NC, 28560. Phone#252 637 1118. Cell Phone is 252 349 1118. Also looking forward to meeting Camille. Love Ya, Darlene & Gianni..

Eric Garcia

May 27, 2006

Hey's it going. Just looking back, thought I'd say hi. You should think about putting some music up on Hope all is well. Keep Rockin'!!!!!

eddie tafoya

March 21, 2005

When and where are you playing again?

Charis Hurst

December 20, 2004

your site is looking that a new bass player???